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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's try to answer some of those pressing questions.

If you don't find the answer to your particular question, feel free to contact us.

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What is your PC Tune-up Service?

This is a spring clean for your PC! In most cases it will speed up your boot (start-up) times and generally make your computer a bit snappier. The following is included in the price (assuming that you're using some flavour of Windows):

  • Clean Temporary file directory
  • Clear your Internet browser cache
  • Clean your registry of unwanted or redundant entries
  • Update your operating system with all the relevant patches
  • Update (or install!) your anti-virus protection and run a full system scan
  • Scan for malware
  • Defragment your hard drive (not solid state drives: they don't need defraging!)
  • Check the health of your hard drive
  • Check your memory status

Not bad for £27.50!

What is your PC Installation/Re-Installation Service?

Whether you want to set-up a new PC or just re-use an old machine, we will help you with all the hardware and network connections. We'll help configure your email account(s) and any basic network settings to get you up and running online quickly.

If you want us to install any software or update your system, there may be additional charges depending on how much time it will take to install and configure your new software. However, we'll agree a rate with you before doing any work and the price we quote will be the price you pay.

Do you repair laptops, tablets, or Macs?


We use the word computer to mean computing equipment and we even consider game consoles to fall into this category. However, if your equipment is under warranty (whatever type of computing equipment it might be), we will recommend that you return it to the original supplier for repairs. Similarly, we may also recommend that you return some equipment to specialist or approved repair centres in order to keep the cost that you pay for parts as low as possible.

Why don't you include your collection/delivery prices in your repair prices?

For two reasons:

  1. We believe in transparency in our pricing structure: you should know what you're paying for so that you can judge for yourself whether you think it's fair.
  2. Fuel prices are extremely volatile and we may have to adjust what we pay for collections & deliveries frequently without necessarily wanting to change our whole price list.

If you can't repair my equipment at my premises, will you charge me extra for taking it to your workshop?


We don't expect you to pay for something that you haven't ordered. If we have to return your equipment to our workshop for diagnosis or repair, we'll do it as part of the service. The collection & delivery charge is for those people who don't want an on-site service and can't bring the equipment to us.

What are your trading hours?

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