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Bespoke Systems

Tired of making do with proprietary systems? Your perfect PC may be closer than you think!

Fractal Design's beautiful Define R4 Chassis

The elegant Define R4 Titanium Grey
©Fractal Design

Custom PCs aren't for everyone: if all you need from a PC is to surf the Internet, update your Facebook status, or check your email (and there's nothing wrong with that), the volume manufacturers are going to be hard to beat on either price or quality.question popup

However, you don't need to be a hard-core gamer or Hollywood video editor to appreciate the benefits of a bespoke system! When a beige box just won't do, Home Theatre PCs are rapidly proving their worth as a hub for all of your photos, videos, music, and TV. You can surf the Internet and check your email whilst watching a movie from the comfort of your living room - how cool is that?

You don't have to limit yourself to entertainment systems either: need a system with superior graphics for design or CAD work? No problem! The options and variety are limited only by our imaginations.

Lian-Li's PC-C36 HTPC

Lian-Li's Home Theatre PC C36

The good news is that a bespoke system does not have to cost the earth. Click the iconquestion popup to see a technical/price comparison between custom and proprietary gaming system (opens a popup window).

Why not let us build your next system? We can help you design the perfect PC or check the compatibility of the components of your choice.

Email us for prices and lead times or use the Contact Us Form on our Contact Page.